Reliability Engineering Management

Reliability Engineering Management book project


Carl Carlson and Fred Schenkelberg are working on the manuscript for a new book focused on reliability engineering management. The focus is on assessing your organization and taking specific steps to create significant improvements in your reliability program.

About the book

Product development cycles are getting shorter, and it is critical for companies to develop highly reliable products faster, cheaper and with fewer resources.

Reliability engineering activities do not just happen automatically in an organization. They are led, coordinated and controlled by a reliability program plan.

However, many reliability professionals have difficulty putting together a comprehensive and effective reliability program plan. Developing effective reliability plans requires using skills from the body of knowledge called “Reliability Management,” in addition to the subject of “Reliability Engineering.”

This naturally brings certain topics and questions into view:

  • What is a Reliability Plan and how should it be developed?
  • Which reliability tools should be included in a Reliability Plan and how are these tools selected?
  • When should Reliability Plans be originated, who should be involved and what approvals are required?
  • What are the skills needed to develop Reliability Plans?
  • How do you ensure that your Reliability Plan is successfully implemented to the desired results?

Every reliability professional needs to know how to develop effective reliability plans, and how their work fits into the overall reliability plan of the company.

This new book will answer these questions and provide the roadmap to achieving reliability objectives in any company.

Follow the book’s progress

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Carl Carlson and Fred Schenkelberg

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