Digital Content Publishing Services for Reliability Engineering Materials


An engaging style

Fred Schenkelberg is a rare reliability expert who enjoys working both with numbers and with people. Whether he’s evaluating your reliability statistics, consulting about your company’s reliability processes, or teaching you or your engineers about reliability engineering, you will be working with a knowledgeable engineer, and an instructor with an engaging style.

— Sara Isenberg, Sara Isenberg Consulting
Oct. 4, 2006

FMS Reliability will create and publish a wide range of online or hard copy materials for your organization’s use, or for sale on, for example. Our extensive experience in developing a wide range of reliability education and training programs for our clients will add value to your materials.

We publish monographs, white papers, elearning modules, courseware, ebooks, ibooks, PDFs, and CDFs (Computable Document Format).  Animations and complex 3-D graphics with real-time manipulation can be incorporated.

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Digital Content Publishing Programs

FMS Reliability uses state-of-the-art programs, including:

Adobe Captivate

The industry-leading elearning authoring software for rapidly creating and maintaining interactive eLearning content. It supports product demos in HD, application simulations, and soft skills and compliance training. Captivate can be enriched with multimedia, interactive elements, and quizzes. Content can be delivered to virtually any electronic device including iPads.

Adobe InDesign

The latest version of Adobe PageMaker that includes tools for both creative design and layout purposes and features to modify text and images to create a unique, professional document.


Cutting edge computational software ideal for communicating scientific ideas, whether this is visualization of a concept in an intro-level course, or creating a simulation of a new idea related to research.  It provides real-time 3D manipulation, and detailed programmatic control of features such as orientation, viewing geometry, and lighting.

Platforming Books – we adapt physical books to create effective digital editions that accommodate the various sizes of e-reading devices.  This requires creatively re-purposing the content.

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