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I typically post blog entries three times a week, plus publish a daily Reliability Quote of the Day. To be sure to not miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or email. Below are a few of the top posts from each series.

Musings on Reliability and Maintainability Topics

Short essays and thoughts (musings) on reliability and maintenance engineering topics. Let me know your reaction and thought, plus any questions. RSS or email using signup form to the right (select Musings).


What started as a simple observation has developed into a personal mission to stop the widespread misuse, misunderstanding and misinformation circling around MTBF. The acronym, MTBF, stands for Mean Time Between Failure. It is very likely the worst four letter acronym in the reliability engineering profession. Contribute with your stories about your reliability program and measures. RSS or email using signup form on NoMTBF homepage.

CRE Preparation

The ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer certification is first obtained via an exam. The four hour exam covers a wide body of knowledge deemed important for reliability engineers to have mastered.

This blog is a simple attempt to help those preparing for the exam. It is my notes and observations as I either teach a prep course or support students. View the full set of short tutorials on Accendo Reliability under the CRE Preparation article series.

Reliability Quote of the Day

Quotes on leadership, process, technology, life and achievement set to images and sent to those interested in a little inspiration every day. Sign up for daily email over on right sidebar (select Quote of the Day)


My Biography

I, Fred Schenkelberg, am the reliability expert at FMS Reliability, a reliability engineering and management consulting firm I founded in 2004. I left Hewlett Packard (HP)’s Reliability Team, where I helped create a culture of reliability across the corporation, to assist other organizations. Reliability engineering is the key to improving operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line in today’s global marketplace.

My passion is working with teams to improve product reliability, customer satisfaction, and efficiencies in product development; and to reduce product risk and warranty costs. My areas of expertise are: reliability program development, accelerated life test design and analysis, reliability statistics, risk assessment, test planning, and training. Given the scope of my work, I am considered an international authority.

In addition to reliability consulting, my firm FMS Reliability offers reliability education and training, reliability engineering, digital content publishing, and reliability event production services.

My mission is first, to solve problems and generate results. And second, to improve each client’s understanding and capabilities concerning reliability so that they can solve similar issues themselves if they arise in the future. I am a teacher, coach, and mentor. Clients and colleagues value my integrity and “can-do” attitude. I live by the motto, “Do. Or do not! There is no try….” as proclaimed by Yoda to Luke Skywalker in the swamps of Dagobah.  I also believe in taking risks ─ what rock climber and world explorer doesn’t?

Contact me and let’s talk about how I can improve your reliability program or product’s reliability performance.


(408) 710-8248


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