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A great idea

“Fred Schenkelberg invited me to address HP online regarding “credible reliability prediction.” He ran a speaker program to bring statistics to HP. I think it was a great idea.”

— Larry George, ASQ Fellow, consultant. December 23, 2005

Video Editing Services

FMS Reliability will create a polished, professional video using your footage of a speaker series, conference, workshop, or seminar. We can add custom lead-ins, audio, banners, logos, and credits. We can also create and incorporate animations to make your content more effective. We are skilled in a range of software tools including Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe Captivate and Vimeo for hosting.
Recent FMS Reliability projects include: Portfolio

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Webinar Production Services

FMS Reliability’s will help you plan and implement webinars so you can cost-effectively deliver information to, and interact with a large number of employees, colleagues, or prospects located anywhere in the world. Technology has made it relatively easy to put on a webinar or webcast, but there is a lot more to creating these events than simply mastering the technology.

Webinar Program

“Thanks for managing the Root Cause Analysis webinar I did recently for the ASQ Reliability Division. The number of participants was phenomenal, and it went very smoothly.”

— Duke Okes, Owner & Knowledge Architect at APLOMET. January 22, 2013

FMS Reliability’s experience and guidance will ensure the success of your online events. We understand the keys to success, some of which are goal setting, the optimal length and amount of content, preparation of moderator and presenters, setting the expectations of participants in advance, effective strategies for interaction with participants, debriefing presenters, and developing series.

We can either work as team members with your employees responsible for launching a webinar program, or we take charge of the webinar development and implementation project, including identifying and securing moderators and presenters.

To see an example of our webinar production services, visit the ASQ website; RMS Reliability is the executive producer of the ASQ Reliability Division’s webinar program.

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Full Service Event Production Services

FMS Reliability has the skills, experience, and industry connections to create and implement successful professional development events for your company such as seminars, speaker series, conferences, webinars, and webcasts.

Our services include:

  • Event planning
  • Content development
  • Identifying and securing speakers and moderators
  • Hosting events
  • Creating online content from events held at physical locations
  • Editing and publishing of reliability engineering content – both digital content publishing and hard copy publishing. Learn more about our digital content publishing services.

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