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Full Service Reliability Consulting
from Program Planning to Reliability Testing to Recommendations

Insight and Talent

We hired Fred Schenkelberg to perform a difficult analysis that the company had been unable to complete. His insight and talent allowed us to create a program that was instrumental in bringing our project to fruition.

— William Metzger at a medical device startup company. February 5, 2012

FMS Reliability consulting services will provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make significant improvements in your reliability program. Services include: Reliability Analysis and Assessment, Reliability Testing, Reliability Field Data Analysis, and Product Reliability Goal Setting and Program Planning. 

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Reliability Analysis and Assessment

Whether you are building a new program or looking for the right next steps toward improvements, a reliability analysis and assessment will provide you with a quick and accurate means to determine the current state of your reliability program. The assessment is accomplished through a series of interview with key individuals and select data analysis. You will gain a clear picture of your organization’s current approach to product reliability, and a set of clear recommendations and justification to make significant improvements.

Reliability Testing

Reliability testing involves careful planning, testing, and analysis that will empower your business to make the right decisions in a timely and cost effective manner. We use the most advanced reliability testing tools such as Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), Demonstration Testing, Design of Experiments, and Fundamental Understanding of Failure Mechanisms to develop reliability testing plans and programs. Because each situation is different, we tailor the process for your specific needs, taking into consideration the product performance in your environment, along with business constraints of time, risk, and budget.

Reliability Field Data Analysis

Many organizations have plenty of reliability statistics and little understanding of how to understand and use this potentially valuable information. The proper application of reliability statistics often reveals unique insights and opportunities that can enable your organization to focus improvement efforts on the areas of best Return on Investment (ROI).  Field data analysis is also a great source of reliability performance information for your new product development teams as they create their reliability plans.

Product Reliability Goal Setting and Program Planning

Getting a product to market while meeting functional, time to market, and budget requirements is very difficult. FMS Reliability consulting services will help your design team meet their design requirements and achieve budget and market requirements with less risk. We will help your team establish appropriate reliability goals at the product and subsystem/major component level, and develop a detailed plan to apply the most effective reliability engineering tools to meet or exceed customer expectations.

FMS Reliability begins this process by gathering all relevant reliability requirements. We then translate the requirements into a form that the design and procurement teams can easily understand and use, and communicate to colleagues.


FMS Reliability develops and offers seminars, workshops, lectures, and courses that are all customized to meet your learning objectives. Topics include the integration, application, and execution of a wide range of reliability engineering tools and approaches. A focus of many of our seminars is empowering students to select and apply the most efficient tools to solve reliability issues for their organization.  Learn more about our education and training services.

Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and objectives, and let FMS Reliability consulting services help you find the right solution.

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