AS – How to Solve ‘Can’t Find Root Cause’ Systems Problems

December 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

By Duke Okes


Don’t Let Inadequate Or Conflicting Data Gunk Up The Works
If you perform root cause analysis (RCA) often enough you’ll eventually encounter a roadblock: Critical data that is unavailable or insufficient to present a conclusive solution to a critical manufacturing systems problem. What then? With the clock ticking and costs mounting, your organization is left paralyzed.

Or is it? Whether or not good data are available, the solutions to “cant’ find root cause” situations may lie in a perspective shift. In this illuminating webinar, quality systems expert Duke Okes teaches you to ask: Is this a “can’t” or a “don’t want to” situation? Because there are ways to deal with inadequate, inaccurate, and/or conflicting systems data—and still find your way to definitive decisions and solutions. Okes will also show you how to develop potential responses even when root-cause-focused solutions are hard to come by, or not an option at all.

This session will go well beyond the basics of RCA training to introduce you to a wider range of data types and interpretation methods for various challenging scenarios. After attending, you’ll have a fully equipped toolbox of options to address quality system challenges—that include alternative approaches to unearthing root causes as well as to identifying (and justifying) alternative responses to problems.

Don’t let problems mount because you think you don’t have the key to finding the root cause. Learn to work with and around the intelligence you do have to: document decisions, choose the level(s) of system to act on, and take appropriate action with a degree of confidence— rather than a high level of uncertainty.

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