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Image: Pioneer 11 Image of Saturn and its Moon Titan, NASA


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ISSN 2329-0099


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NASA’s Pioneer 11 image of Saturn and its moon Titan at the upper left. The irregularities in ring silhouette and shadow are due to technical anomalies in the preliminary data later corrected. Looking at the rings from left to right, the ring area begins with the outer A ring; the Encke Division; the inner A Ring; Cassini Division; the B Ring; the C Ring; and the innermost area where the D Ring would be. The image was made by Pioneer Saturn on Wednesday, August 26, 1979, and received on Earth at 3:19 pm PDT. Pioneer was, at that time, 2,846,000 kilometers (1,768,422 miles) from Saturn. The image was produced by computer at the University of Arizona and managed by NASA’s Ames Research Center.

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