Westpak – Sterile Barrier Testing Case Studies

September 26, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am


By Alexea Kouris

WESTPAK’s test professionals offer a webinar to help improve your success with sterile barrier packaging systems used with medical device and pharmaceutical products. The materials presented include a high-level overview of sterile barrier integrity testing, an in-depth look at the test failures observed, and recommendations you can use to avoid similar failures. The two case studies presented, Gross Leak Detection, and Dye Penetration test methods, include the test protocols, along with pros and cons of each test method.

What’s Covered:
•Gross Leak and Dye Penetration test case studies
•Overview of sterile barrier integrity testing
•Review of environmental and test stresses
•Test failure modes observed

Webinar Will Provide Participants With:
•Discussion of ASTM F1929, F2096, F3039
•Live Q&A Opportunity with test experts
•Failure avoidance recommendations
•Images of actual test failures

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