Westpak – Product and Package Vibration Testing

March 10, 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Presented by Herb Schueneman

In this first of two webinars on Vibration and Shock testing, WESTPAK takes aim at vibration testing of products and package systems.

Mechanical vibration encountered in manufacturing, distribution, and in the end use environment has the potential of damaging and/or destroying products. Fortunately for your application, the mechanical phenomenon can be well understood and mitigated by means of good product and package design practices that have been validated by testing in a controlled laboratory environment.

Will your product pass the ultimate test – when your customer uses it for the first time – regardless where in the world it’s deployed at?

This webinar will provide the participant with valuable need-to-know information.

Topics Covered Include:
•Single and Multiple Degree of Freedom
•Spring Theory, Coupling and Resonance
•Excitation: The Good and The Bad
•Damping vs. Mechanical Fatigue
•Common Test Specs
•Establishing the Test Plan
•Combined Input: Vibration and Temperature
•Vibration Cushion Dynamics

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