UE – The Black Hole of Maintenance – The Maintenance Backlog

April 30, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am


The maintenance backlog is often viewed by operations as a black hole where work requests go to die. This common perception causes staff to work on the work management process and further cause issues in managing the backlog. The backlog must be managed as it is a vital part of the work management process. Backlog is used in the planning process, scheduling process, and the prioritization process with all functions of the organization.

So, with this perception of the maintenance backlog, how should organizations work to manage their backlog and keep work moving through it? There are many different techniques for managing the backlog, each with specific advantages and disadvantages, but all with the goal of preventing the black hole of maintenance from reappearing. Another key goal of the backlog is to ensure work is completely quickly, correctly, in a prioritized manner. That prioritization is a balance that must be struck to ensure buy-in of the backlog and not a perception of the black hole, which leads to workarounds in the work management system.

To start, this webinar will discuss what is a backlog and the specific types of backlog, such as ready backlog, the role of each type, and why it is, in fact, needed. With an understanding of what backlog is and the role of it in the work management process, the different methods of managing the backlog will be discussed.

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