AS – Critical Thoughts on Risk Assessment and Risk Management

February 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

By Duke Okes


The risk assessment process is a critical part of effectively managing an organization’s operational risk. Poor process/organization outcomes are often the result of poor use of risk assessment techniques—and the information provided on their use is highly lacking. Personnel involved with risk assessment and management in a business setting need to know which risk assessment/management approaches are more appropriate for different applications, so that they can pursue their strategic goals more effectively.

Join industry expert Duke Okes in this information-packed webinar as he explores risk assessment and management at a deeper level of detail. Okes will show you how each application can be appropriately designed and applied based on the different types of risks. You will learn how to integrate risk assessment and management into the decision-making process at any level of your organization. Okes will dig into some of the more critical details that can impact whether or not the application is likely to be effective (as opposed to just producing a risk register or an overall view of risk assessment/management). He will discuss risks created by poor risk assessment/management, and recommend ways to remedy them.

You will learn about the impact of using probability versus frequency to rate likelihood; how to use a matrix; how the choice of risk ranking scales can nullify or magnify the level of understanding of risk; and how to decide when risk assessments should be performed (e.g., event vs. time-based).

After attending this webinar, you will more clearly understand the real levels of existing risks in your organization. You will know how to more accurately identify and rank risks, and assess their impact on your processes and/or organizational objectives. Plus, you’ll know how to allocate resources to the critical areas that need them most.

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