SMTA – The Three Fundamentals to the Ultimate Reliability in Consumer Electronics

November 3, 2016 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Presented by: Craig Hillman, Ph.D., DfR Solutions

Complimentary Webinar for Members! $75 for non-members.

The standard rule for reliability has been consumer electronics are cheap, disposable, and poor quality and military/space are robust, long-lasting, and very expensive. What if somebody broke these rules? Can you have a low-cost piece of electronics with very high reliability? How would you do it? What would it mean for every other industry willing to pay large sums to meet market expectations of performance? In this presentation, Dr. Craig Hillman, who has consulted with over 1000 electronic OEMs on reliability, will discuss how certain organizations consistently out-perform their peers in quality and reliability. Based on years of observing multiple organizations in a variety of markets, Dr. Hillman has identified the three key fundamentals that drive reliability excellence. Attend this exclusive webinar and learn how to implement these philosophies into your organization, regardless of whether you are the Vice President of Quality or a beginner reliability engineer.

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