SMTA – Solder Preform World – Not New Technology but a Very Interesting Option

June 24, 2020 @ 6:30 am – 8:00 am

By Bob Willis

Solder preforms are normally solid solder shapes specifically designed to make one or multiple solder joints in one reflow operation. Solder preforms can be coated, flux laminated between layers of different alloy or simply compressed cored solder wire. In the distant past some assembly operations have simply employed cored wire wrapped around a screwdriver or knitting needle and cut to form rings. Now preforms are incredibly engineered options which are as wide as your imagination

Preforms provide a defined volume of solder to form a reliable joint with the assembly process automated if volumes require. Through hole paste reflow can benefit using solder bricks to increase joint volume and decrease flux residues. Some placement machine suppliers offer produced cut and form feeders, so solder wire is used, reducing the cost of simple preforms

Back in the day the presenter used preforms with vapour phase and hot air guns for feed through capacitors, wire wrap back planes, heat shields and cable forms. Welcome to the interesting and creative world of solder preforms

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