SMTA – Quantifying Life Cycle Impacts for ICT Products – A Simpler Approach

June 2, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am

By Tom Okrasinski

Information and communications technology (ICT) products are key to modern society. A large amount of energy is consumed during the manufacturing, use, and disposal of ICT products, in addition to other environmental impacts. The inherently short life and increasing demand of ICT products worldwide will only worsen the scenario. With today’s climate change challenges, it is incumbent on us, as electronics developers and manufacturers, to take action to reduce the impact. As in similar situations, one needs to be able to measure, to know what path to take. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is the well-recognized methodology to assess environmental impacts through a product’s life (cradle to grave), from raw material extraction to end of life. Performing an LCA for a complex product, such as ICT products, is usually done using large scale LCA software with expert resources. This is expensive and time consuming. This webinar will describe a simplified approach for estimating the eco-impact of ICT equipment which provides a means to more quickly and easily evaluate product concepts and optimize design trade-offs. It uses simplified techniques and algorithms for estimating primarily greenhouse gas emissions in terms of carbon dioxide equivalents. We will also discuss the development of the iNEMI Eco-Impact Estimator, its applicability, validation, along with current and proposed activities to further advance its capabilities for more general use.

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