SMTA – Overcoming Challenging X-Ray Problems

November 25, 2019 @ 6:30 am – 8:00 am

By Keith Bryant

As with all inspection technology, x-ray has to evolve to keep pace with the advances in components and products. Most recently, this has been driven by the continued reduction in board, device and feature size and the movement to using newer, lower density materials within the structures, such as copper wire replacing gold wire as the interconnection material of choice within components and dies becoming thinner and thinner. But we also see an increase at the other end of the spectrum with IGBTs, super capacitors and battery applications requiring high power and high-resolution images for Failure Analysis and inspection.

In order to meet these challenges and those in the future, there have been a number of recent key improvements to the vital components within x-ray systems. In particular, there is a new x-ray tube type that permits high magnification inspection at improved resolution yet retains high tube power and stability under these conditions, allowing good x-ray flux for inspection of the smallest features and excellent repeatability of measurements and auto inspections.
This presentation will look at various x-ray tube and detector types that are available and explain the implications of these choices in terms of what they provide for inspection regarding image resolution, magnification, tube power, and detector pixel size, amongst others. We will look at x-ray images at both ends of the spectrum, high power with high-resolution and low power with high-resolution, using IGBTs and LEDs as examples.

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