SMTA – Monitoring & Benchmarking Your Processes & Assembly Yields

August 10, 2020 @ 6:30 am – 8:00 am

By Bob Willis

$60 for members / $85 non-members

There are no easy methods for companies to compare their manufacturing yields with other similar businesses. A common question asked by many company managers is “How does my process compare with other companies in terms of yield”? The information does not exist or is not easily available to small and medium volume companies

The most commonly used method of illustrating yield is Part Per Million (PPM) Defective. This provides a measure of the defect level against a process stage or a specific product compared against a known number of opportunities for defects to occur. There are IPC and IEC documents and procedures which do exist to monitor a process. This webinar will show how to implement a defect monitoring project in your company and the yield data produced. Bob Willis ran the SMART Group PPM Monitoring project supported by DTI and helped implement the LEADOUT project. these were the first project or their type in the world

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