SMTA (India) Flux Cleaning from PCB Assembly: Challenges, Methods and Assessment

April 16, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

By Ansuman Das, Ph.D.

Free for members / $10 non-members

Although most of the PCB assemblies manufactured today involve no-clean process – many of the applications still demand the flux residue to be removed after soldering due to more stringent electrical requirements or due to the requirement from a downstream process. With quantum of changes electronics world has gone through in past two decades cleanability requirements for the PCB assembly have also changed to keep up with new requirements. Change in design, materials and manufacturing processes involved in assembling has also made the cleaning process more and more complex. In this presentation we will discuss the challenges faced by todays industry in terms of post soldering flux cleaning from the assembly and how to address such challenges with available methods. Discussion will explain the chemistry involved in cleaning of different types of fluxes in different cleaning processes. It will also cover some of the methods to evaluate the cleanliness of the PCB assembly.

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