SMTA – How to Return Stronger to the “New Business Normality”?

August 12, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Erik Schroeder,

The Virtual Round Table project has 2 main objectives: (a) 2 experts will present what they consider to be essential in order to assure a successful return to the “new normality” business environment & (b) all participants working in different sub teams precisely to define together what each teams considers basic recommendations for this same purpose.

We will have 2 experts, one for soft skills topics and the second one for technical topics. Each of them will have 10 min to present their recommendation. After the presentations, the whole team will be divided in virtual sub teams for developing their own list of recommendations.
At the end, each sub team will present their main outcomes so all participants can leave with the same message and conclusions.

The Virtual Round Table will allow the participants to (a) learn some important tips from 2 experts, (b) develop together with other people a list of recommendations for the new normality & (c) to increase their networking by participating in the virtual sub teams working sessions.

The second speaker name is David Ortega, from Alltron Global Cleaning. He will take the role of the technical expert for topics related to sanitizing of facilities, personnel & equipment.

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