SMTA – Electronic Hardware Corrosion

September 9, 2019 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

By PJ Singh, Ph.D.

$10 for members / $20 non-members

Corrosion-related electronic hardware failures manifest themselves as electrical opens or shorts. The common modes of corrosion are: (a) electrical opens due to the corrosion of silver terminations in surface-mount resistors; and (b) electrical shorts on printed-circuit boards due to creep corrosion. An ASHRAE conducted survey of data centers concluded that these failures generally occurred when the air quality in data centers was such that the copper and silver corrosion rates were greater than 300 and 200 angstroms/month, respectively. Recent design corrective actions have significantly reduced these failures. Ion migration, another common corrosion-related failure mode that causes electrical shorts, occurs under high humidity condition, even in environments relatively free of gaseous contamination. Yet another failure mode, somewhat related to corrosion, that is becoming quite common is the deliquescence of deposited particulate matter short circuiting neighboring features on printed-circuit boards when the relative humidity in a data center is greater than the deliquescence relative humidity of the settled particulate matter. The webinar will present these and related topics in detail.

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