SMTA – BGA Reballing- Theory and Hands On

February 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

By Bob Wettermann

$25 for members / $95 non-members

This webinar is a “how to” guide for reballing intended for PCB rework and repair depots as well as device reclaimers. These sessions will take those interested in reballing devices through the entire process of setting up the equipment, developing and verifying the process. The first topic will cover the need for reballing of BGAs, CSPs and other devices. The second section will focus on the equipment set recommended for reballing and the third section the various process steps for reballing a device. A variety of different methods for both deballing and reballing will be discussed with the various advantages and disadvantages discussed to each approach. Both plastic-packaged parts as well as ceramic parts reballing will be discussed. Inspection of the reballed components, the type of reliability testing data currently publicly available will be reviewed as well as some ideas for developing your own specifications of you want to outsource this activity.

This webinar is designed for process engineers, rework technicians and others interested in repairing electronics.

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