SMRP – Workforce Development Series #4: Apprenticeship Guide The Mosaic Company Maintenance Apprentice Program

November 9, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

By Mike Pubillones and JC Carpenter

If you’re searching for new ways to recruit skilled professionals, the solution could be closer than you think. During your daily commute, you likely pass schools and colleges that offer technical or vocational training. For The Mosaic Company, Polk State College was the answer to their workforce development challenges. In 2007, The Mosaic Company and Polk State College (PSC) partnered to develop two maintenance apprentice programs: one for mechanics and the other for electrical, instrumentation, and automation (EIA) employees.

To date, 259 Mosaic employees have successfully completed their apprenticeships, allowing them to move into maintenance with their backgrounds in operations.

By establishing the two unique apprentice programs, Mosaic has developed its own skilled maintenance practitioners, while helping each employee earn at least five industry certifications and credits toward an Associate in Science (AS) degree.

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