SDM – Using Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) in Managing the Reliable Life of Your Transformer

December 10, 2019 @ 7:00 am – 9:00 am

2-Day webinar — $195

By Randy Stebbins

Day 1 (December 10)
consists of 2 Sessions. Session 1: Understanding the individual gasses that are generated and how you will use them in assessing current condition. Session 2: The standards for understanding results and utilizing Key Gas Analysis. This session will include the fundamentals of DGA including types, when to test, key ratios and Status definitions.

Day 2 (December 11)
consists of 2 Sessions Session 3: Tools that help interpret DGA results including key steps, the six basic types of faults and five sub-types and using the Rogers Ratio Method and Duval Triangle 1. Session 4: Understanding the effect that high dissolved gas is having on the key components of your transformer. This concentrates on what the DGA results mean regarding permanent damage being experienced on the insulating papers in the transformer.

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