SCMEP Maintenance and Reliability Bootcamp for Non SC manufacturers

October 27, 2020 – October 28, 2020 all-day
Mount Pleasant
Mt Pleasant, SC


The Maintenance and Reliability Bootcamp or Asset Management Excellence (AMEx) as it is sometimes called, is designed for companies that want to begin to create site level resources that can improve availability, throughput, quality, and fundamentally corporate profit using the tools of maintenance, reliability and asset management. The goal of the two-day course is to provide the individual with awareness of the reliability practices and a desire to gain additional knowledge and ability. The course is a comprehensive overview reinforced by group discussions, case studies, and practical exercises. This course is used in many facilities to till the soil and prepare the ground as the organization begins to sow the seeds of reliability. It helps to break down barrier, build understanding and desire and set expectations. The participants are expected to ask questions and challenge concepts they do not understand building buy-in and support as they learn and develop.

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