Rotordynamics and Balancing (RDB) CAT IV

April 5, 2020 – April 9, 2020 all-day
Cairo Governorate

Rotordynamics describes the science and practice of analyzing the dynamics of rotating machinery. All rotating machinery, particularly high speed-high performance machinery, inherently exhibit unique dynamical behavior that can affect the operation and maintenance of the machine. 

This course describes the fundamentals of the dynamics of rotors and the analysis and correction of rotating machinery problems. Topics include:

  • The basic rotordynamic theory
  • Modeling and analysis of rotors
  • Critical Speeds and Mode Shapes
  • The Transfer Matrix Method
  • Development of a dynamic model
  • Modeling machinery components
  • Run-up and coast-down tests
  • Static and Couple balancing
  • Effect of bearings on dynamic behavior of rotors
  • Stability of rotating machinery
  • Bodé and Nyquist Plots
  • Introduction to rotor balancing
  • Field balancing
  • Fluid film bearing modeling and analysis
  • Modal behavior of rotors
  • Balancing instrumentation
  • Multi-plane balancing
  • Flexible rotor balancing
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