RMQSI Quantitative Reliability Analyses – Practical Approaches

June 26, 2018 – June 28, 2018 all-day
Virginia Beach


In order to maximize effectiveness, reliability should be an integral part of all aspects of a system’s life cycle, including requirements definition, concept development, product design, design verification, qualification, reliability growth management and testing, reliability demonstration testing, and field monitoring and support.  As any practitioner in the field of reliability can attest, there exists a multitude of mathematical calculations and statistical techniques that can be used to assist the engineer in determining how system requirements should be allocated and how the system design should be modeled, assessed and re-designed in order to maximize the likelihood of satisfying the customer’s expectations or formal requirements.  The purpose of this course is to provide illustrative examples of the more common mathematical calculations and statistical techniques utilized by reliability engineers in the practical performance of their daily activities.

The mathematical and statistical examples illustrated in this course revolve around a single hypothetical case study.  In addition to providing a common thread throughout this presentation, it is hoped that by basing all calculations on a single case study, the student will come to understand that individual calculations do not exist in a vacuum.  Rather, it will reinforce the notion that each phase of a project is linked to (and affects) other phases, and that conclusions drawn from a calculation are often used to influence design decisions, which may then require that previous analyses and calculations be revisited and updated.

These concepts covered in this course will be presented through lecture, class discussion and extensive in-class exercises based upon the case study example.  This is a hands-on course that also serves as an excellent follow-on to our Reliability 101 and Design for Reliability offerings.

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