PEMAC – The most important asset on your CMMS: People

May 10, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

By Erika Mazza

Industrial maintenance has evolved from simple repair when it breaks to amazing predictable strategies. With these come the need of handling more data to enable better decision-making and effective work management. Unfortunately, we tend to forget who would feed this data into our sophisticated CMMS: people. Any EAM system is like a racehorse. It can help us to win the race — only if it’s well-fed, cared for, groomed, and trained properly; all these actions are done by people who need to understand how their functions are vital for the health of the horse and for the ultimate goal of winning the race. In asset management, people are very complicated assets, usually performing complex activities as part of a bigger picture, and CMMS/EAM systems are just the tools humans use to perform as intended; therefore, people should always be a priority. In this presentation, we’ll explore the evolution of CMMS and how human reliability is a key component for the success in the implementation and use of any software solution for EAM.

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