PE – Facing Escalating Strains on Maintenance Teams in the Post-Digital Era

December 12, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

By Kevin Price and Kevin Parker

Digitalization is bringing exciting innovation to manufacturing—and added pressures. Keeping complex machinery and robotics in operation is a challenge. Is your maintenance team ready to take on the burden of AI-enabled machinery, machine to machine connectivity, and the Internet of Things? Will they struggle to prioritize resources? Predicting tomorrow’s response to escalating maintenance demands is no easy feat. But, we do know this: For digitalization to be effective, the plant maintenance strategy must also keep pace with change. A holistic strategy is the best hope. In this webinar we’ll describe what to do now to brace for escalating pressures.

Learning objectives

  • The new era of complex machinery and why uninterrupted operation is essential. 
  •  How the stakes continue to rise and bring added burdens to maintenance teams.
  • How best practices and industry standards will continue to evolve.
  • Modern EAM solutions and how they can manage the increased workload. 
  • Steps toward building a holistic plant management strategy, escalating the role of maintenance.
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