PCB Cleaning: Applications, Analytics and Solutions

Umut Tosun
May 6 & 13 / 10am – 11:30am Pacific time
This is a Webtorial: Cost $200 USD

If the reliability of your electronic assemblies is critical, removing impurities from the printed circuit board surface as well as underneath the components is necessary. This is truer today than ever for a variety of reasons including the change from eutectic to lead-free soldering process, climatic influence on PCB reliability and cleanliness requirements for bonding and conformal coating processes. These issues will be reviewed in-depth providing the background for a detailed discussion of electronic assembly cleaning processes.

Solvent, surfactant and micro phase cleaning agent technologies will be reviewed including the benefits of each. This will be followed by a detailed discussion of commercially available cleaning equipment options such as Spray-In-Air, Ultrasonic, Spray-Under-Immersion and Immersion Air-Supported including their operating principle, optimization techniques and ideal cleaning agent types for each. As rinsing is critical to all aqueous cleaning processes, water treatment processes will also be reviewed.

Once a cleaning process is implemented, one must understand the options available to assess the substrate cleanliness. Numerous indirect and direct measurement techniques will be discussed including recommended IPC test methods and standards. Cleaning issues associated with No-clean and Water Soluble flux systems will be discussed and three user case studies will be presented whereby product reliability issues were traced to insufficient cleaning processes.

The impact of PCB design, geometry and component standoff height on the effectiveness of the cleaning process will be presented and suggested solutions provided. And finally, cleaning agent selection and considerations for material compatibility with regard to substrate surface, components and labels will be reviewed. .

Link to register or learn more http://www.smta.org/education/presentations/presentations.cfm#tosun

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