May 13, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am


Presented by Denise Robitaille

Conducting corrective action without utilizing risk assessing tools can often result in a waste of time and resources. Failure to assess risk prior to initiating corrective action carries additional risks that undermine the integrity of the entire process. Adopting a risk-based approach to the implementation of corrective actions is consistent with the new requirements related to risk in ISO 9001:2015. The same guidance that is applied to identifying the internal and external factors that affect an organization’s ability to meet its goals is easily transferable to the corrective action process. This not only facilitates the process, it augments the opportunity to identify risks at different junctures along the way.

It’s appropriate to address risk at various stages in the process. There are risks related to:

Deciding when to initiate corrective action – and when not to
Methods used for root cause analysis
Various facets of the corrective action plan
Metrics used to determine effectiveness
What You Will Learn
This one-hour webinar will include:

Pitfalls of not adequately addressing risk
Different risks associated with each phase of corrective actions
Factors to consider when assessing risk
Actions to take to mitigate risk
Records to keep for future risk-mitigation

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