Intro to Reliability Analytics – New for 2020

November 10, 2020 – November 12, 2020 all-day
Mount Pleasant
Mt Pleasant, SC


The Introduction to Reliability Analytics workshop is designed for staff who already have a reliability program in place, and want to accelerate their improvements, based on data. This workshop will cover a variety of topics such as Data Preparation, Statistics for Reliability Engineers, Weibull Analysis, Reliability Growth Analysis, Reliability Block Diagrams, Life Cycle Costing, and the role of Industrial Internet of Things. The overall objective of this workshop is to build a level of comfort and competency with reliability statistics to evaluate capacity losses and decide on the appropriate solutions. During this workshop, the participants will participate in many different hands-on activities to not only reinforce the concepts but to also provide a safe environment to practice the new techniques. Students will use case studies, activities, augmented reality, and discussions to ensure comprehension of the topics.

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