IISE – The Role of Data and Information (Engineered Management Systems) in Periods of Major Disruption

May 19, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am


By Ben Amaba and Jared Frederici

The key points in the Webinar will be: 

1–We can Engineer Management Systems in such a way as to support the new requirements for success posed by “Black Swan” events like we are experiencing.  We show you the approach to doing that.

2–the requirement to reduce ‘latencies/lags’ in data capture, data analytics, information processing, decision-making and then action taking and benefits realization are significantly heightened in the front, middle and back sides of ‘storms/battles’ we are in the midst of.

3–Now with more data than ever, AI has increased in applicability and benefits. AI needs data, talent and trust. “Let the data do the talking.” We can merge our general decision based approach or empirical knowledge with decisions, but AI can influence our perspective and accelerate things, reduce the latencies.

4–Integrated Systems Engineering is all about integrating People, Process, Strategy and Technology and we’ll discuss how Engineered Management Systems that take advantage of new IT, hyperconnectivity capabilities can enhance integration and business outcomes.

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