Hobbs – Weibull Engineering Intro Using Weibull Plotting Software

June 5, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am


By Wes Fulton


There’s Weibull, and then there’s Weibull Engineering (WE). The Weibull model was promoted originally by Waloddi Weibull before, during, and after the 1950’s. Weibull is the most widely-used probability model for how failure mechanisms affect product lifetime, key for problem analysis and problem solving and problem forecasting, but that’s not the only application. Although Dr. Weibull is no longer with us, his methods and insights carry on in countless new applications here in the 2000’s. WE extends the Weibull model to real engineering application throughout all product cycle phases especially for continuous improvement efforts.

This 3-hr WE DEMO session features overview of topics in The New Weibull Handbook(c) latest edition authored by Dr. Bob Abernethy, the #1 world expert in Weibull for over 35 years. Each session attendee receives unlimited use of the free SuperSMITH(R) DEMO software for installation on Microsoft Windows(R) platforms or Windows simulators. Also, a free PlayTIME(TM) DEMO tutorial booklet in “.PDF” format will be available. The tutorial booklet has over 50 case-study examples with step-by-step instructions for solution and covers every type of problem and every related software option. Each session attendee is encouraged to follow the steps on their own computer to solve using the free DEMO software and tutorial.

This overview is designed to bring the novice up to rigorous understanding of WE capability. Topics include type of input data to acquire, how to make a Weibull plot, alternate fitting methods, alternate models, better solution for small data sets, failure analysis, failure forecasting, optimal preemptive parts replacement for parts that wear out, cost analysis, confidence, test planning, accelerated testing, and the importance of a Weibull database especially for Weibull slope values. Relevant questions at any time are welcome during the session.

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