Hobbs – Using Finite Element Analysis with Electronic Equipment: Thermal Cycling, Heat Transfer and Vibration Analysis

June 27, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm


By Steve Carlson


This webinar expands on David Steinberg’s techniques and incorporates finite element analysis to determine electronic component junction temperatures and fatigue life due to random vibration and thermal cycling. This webinar is intended for beginners who have not yet had a course in finite element theory. The emphasis is on the engineering reasons to complete a valid finite element analysis. For completeness, it has been necessary to select specific software to illustrate the various stages. Most commercial solid modeling and finite element analysis systems are very similar, and the overlap in their capabilities is probably 90% or more. Solidworks has been selected due to its rapid learning curve and ability to perform most common finite element analysis for electronic hardware. Students will learn the stages of finite element analysis and work multiple examples with Solidworks Simulation and Cosmos/M Geostar. We will incorporate Professor Steinberg’s methods with FEA techniques to perform heat transfer, random vibration, and thermal cycling analyses.

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