Hobbs – Understanding Shock and Vibration

November 7, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm


By Alec Feinberg


This 3.5-hour course will start with the basics, defining such terms as “G”, “g”, “GRMS” and “G-Force”. We will explain the physics of shock and vibration in understandable terms. At the end of this course the student will be able to clearly understand shock and vibration, its terms, how tests are specified, and have the capability to apply software as a test aid. This course provides excel based software to aid the student in quickly learning shock and vibration fundamentals. With the DfRSoft Shock and Vibration Software, the student will be able to specify shock tests and perform a number of analyses. Every section below will have many examples to aid the student.

•Shock Test and Analysis
•Constant Acceleration
•Sine Vibration
•Random Vibration

Dr. Feinberg has a Ph.D. in Physics and is the author of the books, Design for Reliability and Thermodynamic Degradation Science – Physics of Failure, Accelerated Testing, Fatigue and Reliability Applications. Alec has provided reliability engineering services in all areas of reliability and on numerous products in diverse industries that include solar, thin film power electronics, defense, microelectronics, aerospace, wireless electronics, and automotive electrical systems. He has provided training classes in Design for Reliability, Shock and Vibration, HALT, Reliability Growth, Electrostatic Discharge, DFMEA, and Physics of Failure. Alec has presented numerous technical papers and won the 2003 RAMS Alan O. Plait best tutorial award for the topic, Thermodynamic Reliability Engineering.

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