Hobbs – The Reliability Practitioners Survival Guide

May 6, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 10:30 am


By David Auda


Experience has shown me over and over again that many individuals that have responsibilities in the realm of Reliability would benefit greatly from an overview of the basics. By virtue of the definition of Reliability, coverage of probability, data analysis, preventive methods/tools along with some insights on Human Reliability would be considered essential. For the benefit of those who are embarking on the Reliability career path, those who have inherited Reliability responsibilities, and those who are dependent on the Reliability practitioner, this webinar will offer a practical guide for success. To make the disciplinary landscape even more challenging, it seems clear that those hoping to hire a Reliability practitioner have a dim understanding of what they need, based upon review of stated job requirements.


  • Definitions and misconceptions 
  • Prevention and cost avoidance 
  • The employment landscape 
  • The essential skills for success 
  • Navigating the Reliability terrain 
  • Probability precautions 
  • Data analysis and the infamous Weibull  
  • Causal analysis 
  • Safety, Security and Reliability 
  • Present and future challenges. 
  • The short answer to cocktail hour question “So what does a Reliability engineer do?” 
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