Hobbs – Problem Solving/RCA Evidence Based Analysis

April 7, 2021 @ 8:30 am – 10:00 am


By David Auda


One of the necessary practices in development, maintenance and failure recovery is Root Cause Analysis. This term gets used almost synonymously with Problem Solving, as if the two were somehow the same thing. Albeit, I can have a problem, fix it, and never perform anything that resembles a Root Cause Analysis. I can also perform Root Cause Analysis (more appropriately termed “Causal Analysis”) to gain understanding or make changes that do not necessarily stem from a “Problem”. Delineating Problem Solving from RCA is important conceptually.

This webinar will illuminate the differences between the two and share, by example, how to effectively and efficiently facilitate Problem Solving, RCA, or both when needed. This is an Evidence Based approach that supports informed decision making (defensible in the face of challenges). Upon completion of the course, the attendee will be able to determine the correct path to take when presented with the need to make a decision. Based upon that decision, the attendee will have learned how deploy the appropriate method(s) to achieve the desired goal, whether it be solving a problem, making causal determinations, or both in conjunction.

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