Hobbs – Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) – 2020/21 remote work reset

May 12, 2021 @ 8:30 am – 10:30 am


By David Auda


Career experience had continually and consistently revealed to me the shortfalls of FMEA processing. This historical experience came from on-site face to face FMEA facilitations and allowed me direct access to individuals involved in the process as well as unbridled access to all supporting documentation. There were significant issues routinely discovered in that environment which required remedial actions. In the new 2021 normal, where we are now resigned to limited remote access of resources, sporadic asynchronous communications with teams members and a lack of firsthand experiential information, the aforementioned ‘significant issues’ are sorely exacerbated. There is an inescapable latency in the effective processing of a FMEA under the optimum conditions and given the 2020/2021 global destabilization many of the associated undesirable variables have been allowed to run wild. This workshop will highlight those concerns, provide practical recommendations on mitigation tactics and lay out necessary strategies to improve the trend in FMEA effectiveness and efficiency. The workshop content is not focused on how to prepare a novice practitioner to do a FMEA, it is focused on exercising control to minimize the negative accumulative impact already in the pipeline as well as to give guidance on reversing the unchecked negative trend. Recognizing that the recent global impact on resources and competence will not return to the any preexisting baseline, a future focused strategy for FMEA will be shared. The goals of the workshop are to bring awareness to the dominant issues, provide guidance on managing the associated risks and lay out a framework that is capable of improving the goals of FMEA. Those goals are establishment of necessary core competencies, prevention of undesirable shortfalls / failures in the product/process and confidence in the safe and reliable use of such deliverable in the customers domain.

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