Hobbs – Design for Reliability and Quality by Dr. Alec Feinberg

April 13, 2016 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm


This webinar meets 4 times: April 13,14,20 & 21 at 8:30am-Noon PDT


Presented by Dr. Alec Feinberg

This is an intense four-day webinar, which costs $850, It includes course material and reliability software (30-day trial) that makes learning fast. In today’s rapid paced lean business environments, people are busy so the class is compacted to save down time and get engineers and managers back in the office to use the tools that they have learned. However, this is not a birds-eye view. The material provides depth and exposure to the industry’s reliability science. We believe there is no better DfR course offered today.

We start with basic methods in reliability & quality, providing full explanation of how to grow reliability in a commercial environment and translate that into ROI dollars. Reliability growth starts in the design phase using tools like FMEA, reliability predictions, and reverse engineering. We move into demonstrating and analyzing reliability in the testing phase with prototypes, we describe how to organize an effective DART (design assessment reliability testing) plan that includes HALT and HASS development. A full or partial overview on HALT is available depending on class interest. Reliability statistical analysis is key and is accessible to the student through our professional DfRSoft software tool. Each student has the software to follow along during the course to help problem solve quickly. This jump starts ones capability.

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