Hobbs – Cutting Edge Useful Physics of Failure Reliability Methods and Tools

May 22, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 12:30 pm


By Dr. Alec Feinberg


This 4 hour course will provide very useful cutting edge physics of failure reliability methods for a number of important helpful areas to:

•Generate an SN Curve using established rules (including notches, grain size, etc.) for material when the SN curves are not available in the literature,
•Assessing how much work and life is available in your product using an ultimate work test method,
•Perform environmental profiling to determine ones equivalent use stress when products have multiple field use stress conditions so accelerated testing can be designed between stress and use conditions,
•Perform solder joint (BGA) thermal cycle life modeling with and without underfill using the Engelmaier model (without testing)
•Use the Weibull beta to obtain physics of failure power aging laws
•Understanding why a lognormal failure rate statistic can be relevant for certain physics of failure occurrences and how it can lead to accelerated cheaper testing
•Obtain a physics of failure (accelerated test) aging law – wear and creep provided as examples,
•Use noise analysis (not just in the acoustic sense) to determining impending failure in subtle aging situations when gross degradation parameters are not sensitive enough,
•Use multiple regression (for many variables) in excel for problems like DOE, thereby making more accurate predictions

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