Hobbs – Applying the HALT & HASS in Lean Product Development & Manufacturing

August 19, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am


By John Paschkewitz


This 3-hour webinar introduces the basic elements and tools of lean product and production process development with emphasis on the opportunities they provide for ensuring product reliability. These methods focus on knowledge based product development with up front learning and reduction of variation. The emphasis is on applying accelerated tests like HALT and HASS effectively during lean product and process development.

During the upfront learning phase, analytical tools are used to enhance understanding of customer needs, prioritize the flow of development tasks, and do up front assessment of risks with Design Review Based on Failure Modes (DRBFM). With this knowledge in place, test planning to include Design of Experiments, HALT and Accelerated Stress Test are used enhance Design for Reliability. Design Review Based on Test Results (DRBTR) is used to capture learning from testing and identify corrective actions needed. Extending HALT to non-electronic products is also discussed.

The lean methods also emphasize integrated product and process design to facilitate the transition to production. DRBFM can again be used to ensure issues in the production processes are identified and corrected. This leads to effective application of HASS and HASA to screen production and ensure variation is minimized. Finally, test and field return data is subjected to failure analysis to provide correlation with design and test data for further improvement as well as knowledge capture for re-use in follow-on product development.

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