Hobbs – Accelerated Test, Design and Analysis to Demonstrate Reliability

August 17, 2016 @ 8:30 am – 12:30 pm



by Dr. Alec Feinberg

This course is designed to focus on all aspects of Accelerated Testing, its Design and Analysis. We will first overview accelerated test historical models . We will review how to determine key parameters for these models. We will then discuss accelerated test planning. How do we know what test to do and at what stage to do them in a program plan? How to use a top-down FMEA as a program planning tool. We will introduce a stage gate approach. Test design by failure modes will be utilized in planning. We will also overview general qualification test planning including multi-accelerated test design to demonstrate one failure rate with confidence bonds and accelerated end-of-life reliability test planning. Included will be a “CALT” like method for environmental profiling so that one can profile a product’s environment more accurately as field stress conditions vary. This will help set realistic accelerated test goals and will make for more accurate MTBF predictions. In the analysis area we will look at statistical data methods, including Chi-squared accelerated multi-test planning, the new Chi-squared and other accelerated reliability growth methods, lifetime accelerated testing using Weibull/Lognormal test analysis, and multi failure mode assessment. What to do when multiple independent tests are performed and we wish to include all data in our analysis. This is an intense course, be prepared for the full session.

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