Engineering Sustainability Day

April 21, 2020 all-day
College Park

Sustainability does not happen by chance, it must be engineered. That’s why, each April in connection with Earth Day, faculty and students from the University of Maryland, the University System of Maryland, and guests from industry and government are invited to come together for the Maryland Energy Innovation Institute’s (MEI2) Engineering Sustainability Day.

As April, 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, MEIis contributing to a larger, campus-wide celebration of this historic event. The goal of this event is to advance science and technology to meet society’s needs for abundant and reliable energy with minimal negative impact on the environment. Therefore, this year’s theme is “Science for Society”.

The agenda includes a morning “TEDtalk” as well as faculty presentations/demonstrations of current energy technologies being developed and to ultimately be commercially deployed. In the afternoon, we will host an energy industry panel discussion with some of our corporate partners. 

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