DFR – HPPC Testing for ECM Modeling and Battery Analysis

February 18, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am


By Masoud Angas & Xiao Hu

Hybrid Pulse Power Characterization (HPPC) testing is intended to determine the dynamic power capability of batteries over the useable voltage range and can be used as a parameter identification method for battery simulations. Ansys has performed HPPC testing on two common lithium-ion batteries (18650 and 21700 cells) at different temperatures and for different pulse c-rates. This webinar showcases the HPPC testing procedure, the details of testing schedule, the post-processing and the results. 

•Learn how HPPC test data can be used to create an equivalent circuit model (ECM) of the battery.

•Discover how ECM can be used to represent the dynamic behavior of a battery.

•Understand how to simulate and analyze the voltage and current response versus time. 

•Explore how ECM can be used for battery electro-thermal coupled (ETC) analysis. 

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