Company Case Study Webinar

May 29 / 11am Pacific time

If you’ve attended any of our free Webinars, you’ve seen the unique ability to connect hundreds of people across the world with no travel costs and provide valuable information that can be applied immediately. Now imagine using the same capability to host a Webinar that focuses specifically on how a Cause Map was used to investigate and solve one of your problems. With a Client Specific Case Study, the benefits are twofold… we investigate your problem and then show everyone within your organization why it occurred and how it was solved. We also can show how the investigation was conducted so that everyone can copy these best practices and apply them to other problems within the organization.

This free Webinar will explain the benefits of using a Client Specific Case Study within your organization to teach lessons learned and incorporate problem solving best practices. We will take you through an example Cause Mapping Workbook to show you what a case study covers. We will finish by explaining how you can use this powerful tool within your organization.

Link to register or learn more

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