CMI 2021 14th CMI International Conference – Critical ICT Infrastructures and Platforms

November 25, 2021 – November 26, 2021 all-day

ICT infrastructures and platforms are increasingly pervasive and critical for societies, systems and organizations and for individuals. It is, therefore, of great importance that efficient and resilient infrastructures are developed and deployed and that disruptions of services caused by either cyber-attacks or other interruptions of services are mitigated. Also, as digital platforms constitute crucial communication infrastructures for societies, it is important that such platforms contribute to democratic processes and economic and social fairness.

The 14th CMI conference will be concerned with these topics from different complementary angles: The development and deployment of fast and efficient communication infrastructures including cloud and edge technologies; resilience of ICT systems in order to increase cyber security and mitigate cyber-attacks; institution of social practices and governance approaches that will promote democratic discussions and processes, contribute to economic and social development, equity and fairness, and protect privacy.

The conference focuses primarily on ICT infrastructures and platforms, but as ICT systems increasingly constitute essential foundations for other critical infrastructures such as energy, transportation, public administration, etc. papers on the relationships between ICT infrastructures and critical infrastructures in general will be most welcome. Technical papers as well as papers examining ICT infrastructures and platforms from social science and humanities perspectives are solicited. Furthermore, papers can be oriented towards theory development as well as empirically based analyses.

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