CBM – What You Didn’t Know About Surge Testing

November 17, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am


By Scott Lubruska

Preventing unscheduled downtime and expensive repairs should be the primary goal of every predictive maintenance program. Approximately 80% of electrical failures begin in the motor winding insulation, not the groundwall insulation. Unless a surge test is implemented, this critical winding insulation problem can’t be detected until it reaches the groundwall insulation due to extreme heat advanced by shorted turns: too late! Find out how the surge test works, why megohm or hipot testing will not detect winding insulation problems, and why this fantastic nondestructive test has standards that your predictive maintenance program needs to employ.

Learning Takeaways 

  • The uniqueness of finding turn-to-turn weakness 
  • What is a Surge Test. 
  • How a Surge Test is nondestructive. 
  • Why a Megohm and HiPot Test find problems in different insulation system.5.The predictive and troubleshooting and QC of a surge Test 
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