CBM – MEMS Accelerometers – Technology Review and Implications for CBM

April 28, 2021 @ 6:00 am – 7:00 am


By Ed Spence and Adam Jablonski

Wireless condition monitoring systems, also known as IIoT, promises easily deployed ‘continuous’ condition monitoring, with the potential to save some of that most precious commodity – your time. MEMS accelerometers have been instrumental in enabling the proliferation of these systems, but lingering concerns about MEMS performance add uncertainty to an already complex solution landscape.

In this session we will compare and contrast MEMS accelerometer technology with legacy PZT, discussing the implications for IIoT and CBM applications in general. We will demonstrate how MEMS performance improvements made over the last 5 years not only supports overalls trending but also enables bearing fault detection and diagnostics. With a better understanding of the underlying sensor technology strengths and limitations, we will also show how MEMS accelerometer performance positioning data suggests using caution when selecting wireless IIoT solutions for your assets.

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