CBM – Electrical Equipment Reliability Using Ultrasound & Infrared

November 19, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 9:00 am


By Adrian Messer

Ultrasound and infrared technologies are a perfect match when conducting inspections of energized electrical equipment. At any voltage, thermal anomalies and sources of ultrasound such as tracking, and arcing can occur. Corona can also occur at 1000 volts and greater. Any of these conditions threaten the reliability of the equipment being inspected.
Typical electrical components that can be inspected with ultrasound and infrared include switchgear, load interrupter switches, breakers, transformers, motor control centers, and terminal transition cabinets. This presentation will provide aid in the proper diagnosis of the condition heard, recorded ultrasound examples will be played in both FFT and Time Wave Form in a spectrum analysis software so that you will leave better equipped to diagnose anomalies.

Learning Takeaways
1. How using both ultrasound and infrared together for electrical inspections can allow for more problems to be found sooner
2. Increase safety when using ultrasound to scan enclosed electrical gear prior to opening for further inspection
3. Hear what corona, tracking, and arcing sound like when performing an ultrasonic inspection
4. How to properly diagnose electrical anomalies

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