CBM – Efficient Vibration Data Collection For Condition Based Maintenance Programs

March 16, 2021 @ 7:00 am – 8:00 am


By Bob Martin

Condition based maintenance is an important strategy used to achieve the quality and capacity that is required in manufacturing today. To achieve these goals, vibration analysis is helpful for determining rotating equipment condition and performance. Collecting correct and usable vibration data is critical to the success of any vibration analysis program. Unfortunately, there are challenges that must be overcome in order to provide this data that were not necessarily issues in the past. Safety and staffing need to be addressed as well, as the need to ensure that the vibration analyst or monitoring system gets good data. Fortunately, technology has provided solutions to some of these challenges. These solutions coupled with the ability to detect the presence of bad data can greatly increase the ability of the program to improve plant performance.

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