CBM – Discussion on The Application of ISO 10816-1, 10816-3 and 20816-1

May 6, 2021 @ 6:30 am – 7:30 am


By Matthew Moore, Rao Vamsidhar and Rishi Jawahir

ISO 10816-1 and 10816-3 have been the de facto standards for the evaluation of machine vibration for many years. Every condition monitoring practitioner will have referred to these standards for the evaluation of vibration severity, acceptance testing and/or setting database alarms. Whilst ISO 10816-1 has been succeeded by 20816-1 the replacement for ISO 10816-3 is yet to be released.

We take this opportunity to introduce a panel of vibration experts to discuss their experience in utilising these standards; their benefits, limitations, and the considerations to make them most effective in different applications and industries.

Learning Takeaways 

•Comparison of ISO 10816-1, 20816-1 and 10816-3 standards.

•Applications and limitations.

•Practical guidance from experienced users.

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